It has been defined a deluxe project, but it could also be described as exclusive. Permanente Mobili Cantù furnishings offers a new interpretation of exclusiveness and creativity blended in a single context; avant-garde premises presenting the latest sector developments, premises that are also of historic importance due to their prestigious position in Piazza Garibaldi. Completely refurbished, this venue also acts as a meeting place for the Brianza wood furnishings sector and specifically for fine quality contemporary and classic cabinet-makers specialised in made-to-measure pieces.
The evening saw great experts and design enthusiasts come together, generating an event marked by a unique almost unforgettable mood – a “salon” of taste and proficiency. Tradition and a constant dialogue with other entities are the main features of showroom activities. This is illustrated by the well-established partnerships with some of the world’s most prestigous shipyards, where exclusive furnishings are provided for yachts and super-yachts.