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Inlays, carving, and manual wax polishing, sartorial details produced by expert upholsterers, are the best expression of the craft tradition that has enabled Cantù to stand out from every other centre of furniture production. The unequalled abilities demonstrated in the production of articles of every kind and of very style have been appreciated by famous architects, who have entrusted to the members of La Permanente the interpretation of their ideas, which are made to beunique pieces of furniture whose value increases with time.

Important and prestigious assignments for the realisation of furniture according to a design have demonstrated the manual and artistic abilities of the skilled cabinetmakers of La Permanente from Cantù, connoisseurs an valid interpreters of the history of furniture.
Their love for wood, their attention to the design and manufacturing problems, the experience and sensitivity in their suggestions of materials and finishes, the precision and the search for perfection, are highlighted in the creation of “style” furniture, objects of great artistic value that furnish houses and buildings throughout the world.

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